If you are a loving and caring pet parent, you know that the last thing in the world that you want is for your dog to be sad and lonely. Unfortunately on those occasions where you have to leave town or work long hours back at the office, that’s exactly how your dog feels… Lonely, sad and maybe even depressed. While having someone such as your neighbor, friend or a relative drop by your place here and there when they have some free time in order to care for your dog by taking them out for a quick walk or providing fresh food/water, there are plenty of other needs that are not being met in these circumstances and your pet will ultimately suffer over the long-run.

The number of working individuals and families in the Durham area that also own pets continues to rise year-after-year, and there is really no shortage of traditional doggy daycare and kennels/boarding companies in The Triangle area. On the surface, these traditional facilities may seem like a pretty decent option to ensure that your pet is provided with some of the basics, and cared for when you can’t attend to his or her needs… Unfortunately many pet owners overlook some of the very dangerous and negative aspects associated with these facilities.

At DurhamDogWalkers.com we offer both you and your pets the best-in-class service available anywhere today. Below are some of the top benefits to choose us to care for your beloved furry family member.

Professional. Trusted. Reliable.

Durham Dog Walkers
Reason #1: No more worrying about your pet being away from home! Pets are happier and experience less stress when at home VS traditional boarding facilities/kennels. It’s a proven fact! The environment your pet knows and loves the most — staying at home, remains uninterrupted.

Reason #2: Relief from constantly traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with many other strange animals. Pets are overall much happier and less stressed when at home with people they already know and trust during owners’ extended absence. Travel trauma to facilities for both you and your pets is eliminated.

Reason #3: In-home professional pet care provides 100% peace of mind for your entire family. Untrained or unwilling friends or neighbors need not be called upon… Ever!

Reason #4: Feeding the pets and refreshing all of their bowls multiple times per day to ensure proper hydration and nutrition intake. Diet and exercise routines will remain uninterrupted and 100% consistent.

Reason #5: Dedicated set times for daily exercising, playing and socialization. Providing lots of TLC when you are not around to keep all of your pets happy and remain active/engaged.

Reason #6: Guaranteed 1-on-1 all-around care and attention while you’re away. Not so with overcrowded boarding kennels or doggy daycare facilities, unfortunately. Pet’s exposure to illness is also completely eliminated when at home.

Reason #7: Daily dog walking services offered 365 days of the year from 9 AM to 9 PM and overnight sitting from 7 PM up-to 9 AM. Rates during the weekends or holidays never ever change either!

Reason #8: All personalized care is provided by 100% trained and experienced dog lovers and pet sitters who have mastered Pet First Aid, Care & CPR. Professionals take care of your furry family members like it was one of their own.

Reason #9: On-demand management of services, appointments, and billing available online. Dedicated top notch support is provided by phone, e-mail or in-person 365 days of the year.

Reason #10: 100% fully customized daily and nightly routines available. All services are catered to each and every client’s unique needs accordingly.

If you are looking for the best available care for your pets when you’re away, take advantage of our professional dog walking and sitting services. As of February 2018, we fully service the entire City of Durham and most parts of Chapel Hill, Cary and Morrisville. We also service Northwestern parts of Raleigh around Brier Creek, RTP and RDU Airport. Other limited service areas include rural Durham County and Orange County as well as some areas near-by Jordan Lake and Falls Lake.